Pick a Plan that Works for Your Business Model

Your business is unique, we get it. 

Mix and match between our BaaS Suite services to fit your business needs!

BaaS Retail

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Get everything needed to create a beautiful cohesive online presence with our designer websites!

Includes SEO optimization, content, and marketing!



Our professional package is for small businesses looking for more than just a website solution. This package includes four BaaS products* such as our restaurant online ordering solution, online appointment booking or much much more!

*Note that this does not include BaaS Locker



This package includes our full suite of BaaS products and services.

The package includes everything needed to grow and scale nationwide.

Have the full benefits of having a single platform for all your business needs and to get real customers.


Contact for Pricing

This package is geared toward large corporations requiring enterprise grade applications.


This package includes all BaaS suite of products and services and can be tailored to meet companies business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for website changes ever?

NO. We don’t charge any fees for website changes. We are your digital partner for your business. We know that your business changes, and so your website has to as well!

Are there any hidden costs or fees?

BaaS Food POS Streamlining, and BaaS Locker are the only two services that are only included in the Premier package.

However we won’t charge you extra, it’s just that these services are ONLY in premier.

Otherwise, NO, we don’t nickel and dime you.

The price you see above, is the price of the service. No other fees/charges involved. We want our pricing to be clear, so you can calculate our service into your business properly. 

Am I stuck with you if I join? Is there a contract that requires me to stay?

NO, we don’t have any contracts, setup fees, or leaving fees. We do a month to month service, and if you’re ever unhappy, we want YOU to feel EMPOWERED to leave.

We stand behind our service and high customer satisfaction, and if you’re not happy we don’t want you to feel chained to the service.

We’ll even work with you to get you onto the next platform that you’ve decided to move to. Our only ask is to let us know what went wrong so that we can make sure that it doesn’t happen in the future. 

What's the timeline for a website delivery?

We can deliver a rough draft for you within a few hours. However, typically in order to get a website that properly reflects your business. It takes a couple of iterations, and will require us to meet to clean up and build your website.

We can start with a landing page to get your business web presence up and going, and continue to add from there. We can typically get the landing page done in about 1-2 days.

For a fully finished website that you’re happy with, it will typically take 2-4 weeks with back and forth discussions. 

Note that our journey doesn’t end there, if you ever require more changes, our door is always open. So this can be as long or short of a process as you need to make your website fit your business.

Do I have to provide my own content?

Not necessarily, we have a team of content generators to make SEO Optimized content for your website. We also have royalty free pictures to represent your business. You are free to provide your own content and pictures, we will work with you to make a website that properly reflects your business. 

How to get started?

Reach out to us at (985) 273-5752‬  or book an appointment at the appointment booking page here!

You can also email us at sales@baasai.com

Still have questions?