Let us build your website, so you can build your business!

Get back to doing what you love, and let us handle the IT operations for your business with our tech professionals.  Too many entrepreneurs start a business to work on what they’re passionate about, and end up being bogged down by business operations. Don’t burn daylight in front of a computer! And unlike other website companies that limit the amount of custom pages, we’ll build your website to properly reflect your business, regardless of how many pages it will take!

Let us automate and handle the online aspects of your business so you can focus on what you specialize in! 


Web and Mobile Solutions

Having a web presence is no longer enough in the digital age. Our solution offers more than just a website, we layer it with our BaaS services in order to help market your business, open new channels with your customers, and streamline your business processes.

Analytics Driven

Each one of our solutions is analytics driven. We help you capture website traffic, customer information and marketing analytics to learn more about your customers in order for you to market intelligently to them.

Digital Partner

We aren’t like traditional website development companies which charge exorbitant upfront fees or bill you for future updates to your website. Businesses change, we get it. That’s why our digital solutions adapt to your business needs and are always backed by our award winning 24/7 support. 


Managing Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

We know it can be hard to manage the various aspects that make up your business. That’s why we offer a Business As A Service suite to fit you.

“As the majority owner of a startup company, I have worked with several web developers before finding [BaaS AI]. I’ve been very happy with their deep technical expertise, their ability to fluently explain technical issues to a non-tech person like me, their dedication in helping me create an awesome website, their timely support , and their ongoing efforts to improve our website visibility and content! They are also at a very friendly price-point for small business. I heartily recommend..  for all your website needs!”   


Lisa Smith

CEO, The RipJack

Our Tools Make It Easy

Whatever operations that make up your business.

We have a technology solution to simplify and automate it.

BaaS Food

Stop paying commission fees just to offer online pickup orders. Streamline all your orders into the same POS system, and provide contactless ordering through your website.

BaaS Warehouse

 Save costs by reducing waste and optimizing your ordering by automating your inventory management. Have optimal stocking by utilizing our data analytics.

BaaS Booking

Save your business time and money by offering customer self-service appointment booking for your services.


BaaS Learning

Virtual training and instruction has never been more important. Offer digital learning management solutions through your website with our services!

BaaS Retail

Sell your products on your personalized online storefront and stop paying commission fees. Find out how we can digitally transform your retail business. 


BaaS Locker

Let us handle your HR documents with our secure file management solutions. Handle W4 and sensitive information with just the click of a button.


BaaS Chatbot

Offer an artificially intelligent chatbot to greet your customers and provide information on how your services can help! Let your customers even talk to you through the chatbot by allowing it to pass through Facebook Messenger, so that you’re always in touch with customers who are interested in reaching out. 


BaaS Content

 Not sure what sort of content your website should have? No problem, we will create the content for you at no extra cost. Just provide us key bullet points and we’ll flesh it out.

Let us build your website, so you can build your business.